Services for legal entities

Business partner review

Before starting any financial relationship with new business partners, or ordering a large batch of goods from an unverified supplier, it is necessary to carry out the appropriate verification. After all, when it comes to serious financial costs, the mistake will be too expensive.

Search for debtors

Unfortunately, financial misunderstandings are a fairly common business satellite, and individuals and legal entities that do not repay debt are not uncommon. It is possible to prove your case and repay the borrowed money, however, it is necessary to find the debtor for this. And private detectives can help.

Commercial intelligence

Commercial intelligence is an opportunity to calculate in advance the effectiveness of your chosen strategy, focusing on finding an advantage over your competitors. With proper exploration, all your next steps will be planned as efficiently and timely as possible.

Examination of the candidate for employment and existing employees

Almost every person hires something when hiring from their employer or in some way provides false information about themselves. Moreover, many employees continue to hide important information about themselves and while working.

Inspection of the premises and cars for hidden technical means of information gathering

It is possible to obtain important information about a competitor's activity not only by using his employees, but also by the so-called "hidden means of information gathering", ie "bugs". To ensure that your business does not fall prey to such disruptive competitors, we suggest you contact us.

Resolve misunderstandings and complex financial conflicts between companies

Financial misunderstandings occur both between large and small companies. Because the inaccuracies of the contracts, the debts of the company and other financial issues sometimes can not be resolved without the help of specialists.

Collection of information and provision of information

In the world of modern technology, the most valuable commodity will always be information. After all, the one who owns the information manages the situation. Therefore, more and more private business people are seeking private information from detectives for business information and business.

Establishing and eliminating commercial, business and criminal risks

It is not even possible to calculate all the risks that exist in the business and may hamper the successful conduct of business. However, it is possible to prevent problems in advance if private detectives are involved. Establishing and eliminating commercial, business, and criminal risks is a challenge for true professionals.

Provision of information and advisory services in the field of business security

Protecting your own business is of the utmost importance, because the higher the company's profits, the more there will be those who seek to acquire important information in order to use it for their own purposes. Therefore, to protect yourself from potential risks, it is advisable to consult with security specialists on a regular basis.


Having business problems, not sure about your partner's intentions, or suspecting the loss of sensitive data? All this and much more is within our competence. Private investigative agency detectives will arrange employee screening, help find debtors, or resolve any financial issues. We operate exclusively within the law, confidentially and promptly. Contact!

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