Graphological and genetic examination

Graphological and genetic examination

A graphological or genetic examination may be required as part of a private investigation and in order to confirm or refute the important facts of a person's involvement in certain events. Private detectives may provide such services.

Graphic examination reveals whether a signature, statement or any other handwritten document is valid. This allows you to resolve any conflict based on the parties' opposition to a particular document. By comparing the "conflicting" document with the original handwriting, one can prove whether it was actually written and signed by one or another person.

In addition, graphographic examination can determine whether the person who made the signature was in a state of drug or alcohol intoxication, or had any disorders of the nervous system.

As for genetic examination, it is done for the purpose of proving family connections, confirming paternity, and so on.

MaximUm's International Private Investigation Agency provides graphic and genetic examination services, providing reliable post-screening data and further assisting with problem solving.