Check of security, drivers, personnel

Check security, drivers, service personnel

By allowing outsiders to help us in one way or another, we run the risk of falling victim to fraud and poor performance. So it's worth checking up on everyone who works for you, including security guards, drivers, cleaners, babysitters, and more.

Being able to hire outsiders who can help us solve our household tasks and provide a more comfortable lifestyle is extremely convenient. At the same time, it is an additional risk. Such people may rob you, betray you by giving out important or personal information, or simply misbehave and disregard all instructions.

The staff working for you (drivers, personal care, babysitting for the child, the cleaner) must be subjected to an independent review to identify any breach of contract and misconduct.

The experts of the International Private Investigation Agency "MaximUm" are able to carry out such a top-level inspection to confirm or refute the fact of fraud by the staff. But, of course, if necessary, bring the perpetrator to justice.